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About Us

Located on Selma Drive, tucked off Fresh Ponds Road, Fresh Ponds Farm was established in 2011. Fresh Ponds Farm is a family-run farm, owned by Dave and Joyce Chagnon. The farm grows a variety of fresh wholesome vegetables, fruits and flowers. Fresh Ponds Farm is also proud to provide delicious farm fresh eggs from our happy brood of hens. Each spring brings new additions to our farm as we hatch our own chicks to join the established flock. We also have rabbits for sale depending on availability. Our flowers are grown in our three greenhouses, where we grow all of our plants, including our vegetables. Our market store highlights our own variety of hot sauces from our harvest of peppers. We also jar our own fruit, creating our signature gift boxes of hot sauce, jams, honey, infused oils, pickled jalapenos and pickled habaneros.

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